oct 19, 2011

Portal to the Point - 5 Days Only !!!

Portal to the Point ‘pop-up’ exhibition
Oct 19-23 / Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh


oct 5, 2011

Rising Currents Book Published

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has published the results of the Rising Currents exhibition


oct 1, 2011

Gateway in Bookstores

GATEWAY: Visions for an Urban National Park
Edited by Kate Orff, Jamie Hand and Alexander Brash


sep 23, 2011

Milstein Hall is officially open !

Cornell University's new AAP buiding addition is completed after 2 years of construction



Topos Mag on Gateway

dec 9, 2011

Gateway: Visions for an Uran National Park
Editors: Alexander Brash, Jamie Hand and Kate Orff

Book Review: Gateway: Visions for an Urban National Park

by Jessica Bridger

"Wild urban nature is not the image that immediately springs to mind when most people consider New York City and its metropolitan area. Yet stretches of wild vegetation, diverse animal habitat, sandy shorelines and more “nature” make up a sizable and important part of the city and surroundings."

Click here for the full review.