SCAPE combines research and practice to reimagine the ecological and cultural potential of the urban landscape. We bring a deep knowledge about embedded natural processes, cycles, and systems and an equal dedication to the uniquely public infrastructures and urban conditions that we shape.

Our goal is to create and organize dialogue about the built environment, to refine the definition of the public sector to include natural processes and wildlife habitat, and to cultivate an ethos of civic participation. Within this expanded mandate, our ‘design output’ takes many forms: research, teaching, writing, built landscapes, websites, maps, documentations, and temporary installations. Ecosystems support life and diversity. Our goal is to connect people to their immediate environment, and design with both the spatial mesh of natural systems and the quality of human habitats in mind. We imagine how the structure and function of nature can inform design decisions at the level of the detail, the site, and bioregion.




CLARB Certified 
We are registered in the states of:
NY, NJ, CT, PA, IL, SC, VA, KY, TX and MN.

New York City, State of New York, The Port Authority of New York and  New Jersey, State of New Jersey, New York City School Construction Authority

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Our site design philosophy is to magnify each site's unique potential, quality, and character. We work as part of an integrated design team to synthesize building and landscape, and inside with outside to create textured, overlapping spaces, and approach all projects: master plans, roof gardens, plazas, courtyards, campuses, with an expertise in horticultural diversity, an eye for color and form, and experience with the design and implementation of private and public landscapes. We look to incorporate sustainable site design principles such as brownfield remediation, innovative stormwater management, reduction of heat island effect, and reduced site disturbance into every commission. 






State of New York DOT
(Unified Certification: MTA, PANYNJ, NFTA)

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

We understand and enhance connections between ecological systems and public infrastructures to create dynamic, textured outdoor spaces, in concert with long-term, phased strategies that will add a layer of cohesion and excitement to the built environment, coordinate this strategy with the goals and aspirations of the client group, and provide the research documents and visual material necessary to generate dialogue on issues while building consensus and collaboration.








Registered with Federal Central Contractors Registry