Buffalo Outer Harbor Master Plan

Buffalo, NY
  • Park
  • Urban Design
  • Waterfront / Resiliency

The Buffalo Outer Harbor Master Plan presents a vision for the largely underused waterfront of the City of Buffalo, New York. Ecology, recreation, and civic zones are overlaid to form a pedestrian focused, regionally significant lakefront. The proposal, developed through a public planning process, seeks to promote a diversity of uses, activate the water’s edge for public use, and ensure economic benefits for the region. A shallow water connection between the Buffalo River, the City Ship Canal, and Lake Erie greatly expands the quality of shoreline and the diversity of marine habitat. Small off-shore bird nesting islands, constructed reefs for fish habitat, and other water shallowing tactics create a ‘Blue Park’ greatly expanding the availability of in-water recreational opportunities.


  • Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation
  • Empire State Development Corporation


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