SCAPE Attends Annual ASLA Meeting

Nov 4, 2015

SCAPE is pleased to bring a strong showing to this year’s 2015 National ASLA Conference in Chicago. Elena will be honored as an ASLA Fellow and Kate, Pippa, and Alexis will be participating in cutting edge panels addressing issues of innovation, resiliency, and firm strategy.

For more information about where you can find us this weekend:

Elena Brescia, SCAPE Partner, will receive her ASLA Fellow Award. Elena joined SCAPE in 2005, after 12 years of practice, and became a Partner in 2007. She plays a crucial role in the firm, advancing ideas throughout the design process from concept to built form. She excels at bringing a project from the schematic stage into documentation and construction, and has critical project organization experience and a reputation for thoroughness and attention to detail.

Friday, Nov 6 / 10:30AM-12PM,
Kate Orff, SCAPE Founder and Partner, will join Claire Fellman of Snohetta, Marcel Wilson of Bionic and Chris Reed of Stoss Landscape Urbanism in the ‘Hybrid Practices’ panel. As increasingly complex environmental, technical and cultural issues arise, we must develop hybrid practices to address them.

Sunday, Nov 8 / 2:30-4:30PM
Pippa Brashear, Director of Planning and Resilience, is participating on the ‘Landscape Architecture and Design Post-Sandy: New Paradigms of Resilience’. Panelists will discuss disaster recovery and resiliency planning through the lens of landscape architecture and design and using New York City as a case study.

Monday, Nov 9 / 1:30-3PM
Alexis Landes, Director of Outreach, is featured on the ‘Landscape Protagonists: Asserting Agency, Developing Audiences, Winning Work’ panel. The panel includes professionals directing the business development, communications, thought leadership and office culture at four disparate but highly esteemed firms.