About Our Studio

SCAPE is a design-driven landscape architecture and urban design studio based in New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco. We believe landscape architecture can enable positive change in communities through the creation of regenerative living infrastructure and public landscapes. We work to integrate natural cycles and systems into environments across all scales, from the urban pocket-park to the regional ecological plan. We do this through diverse forms of landscape architecture – built landscapes, planning frameworks, research, books, and installations – with the ultimate goal of connecting people to their immediate environment and creating dynamic and adaptive landscapes of the future.

Our staff is experienced in landscape architecture, architecture, urban design, and planning, and we integrate these skillsets to practice design as interpreters and synthetic thinkers. We lead and work with teams of engineers and architects on complex projects, from stormwater streetscapes to large public pedestrian infrastructure, translating technical expertise into legible and engaging public space. We also believe in working with communities and stakeholders to translate complex visions into realizable actions.

We work with clients to ensure that design concept remains intact through the process of building landscapes. To achieve solid, high-performance public urban landscapes, we combine new technologies with tried and true construction techniques. We aim to create public landscapes of lasting significance, reconnecting neighborhood infrastructure and habitats for generations to come.

Our work and collaborations have led to several national awards, including the Buckminster Fuller Challenge Winner, two national American Society of Landscape Architects awards, and several NY American Society of Landscape Architects Awards. In 2017, founder and principal Kate Orff was named a MacArthur Foundation Fellow, and in 2019 SCAPE was awarded the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Landscape Architecture. SCAPE was founded in 2007.


Landscape Architecture

We are a full service design office and execute projects from concept to construction. We create public landscapes of lasting significance that will serve generations to come.

First Avenue Water Plaza

Urban Design and Planning

We collaborate with our Clients to map out long term futures for unique places. We understand and enhance connections between ecological systems and public infrastructures to create dynamic, long-term, phased strategies that will add a layer of cohesion and excitement to the built environment, organization strategic planning and goals and aspirations for places.

Resilient Boston Harbor Vision

Ecological Design

We create ecological designs that reveal natural processes and create wildlife habitat, integrating natural systems with the human realm. We imagine how the structure and function of nature can inform design decisions at the level of the detail, the site, and bioregion.

Living Breakwaters

Public Engagement

Communities are integral to the design process. We organize and facilitate productive public processes and create open and accessible engagement tools for our Clients that enable dialogue and ethos of civic participation.

Chattahoochee RiverLands


We design and shape landscapes at the urban scale—using landscape as an urban connector of neighborhoods, cities, and regions. Our urban design and planning work spans a large spectrum from innovative open space planning to stormwater management plans.

Gowanus Lowlands


Clarb Certified

We are registered in the states of: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, Minnesota, and California


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State of New York DOT (Unification Certification: MTA, PANYNJ, NFTA); New York; Kentucky; Louisiana; Georgia


Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

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