New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Chapel Garden Opening

Sep 12, 2016

The NYP Chapel Garden recently opened to the public on September 5, 2016. At the heart of New York-Presbyterian’s Washington Heights neighborhood campus, the new Chapel Garden endeavors to serve as a destination for community members, residents, faculty, patients and students to gather, rest, recreate and socialize.

The garden’s design emerged from SCAPE’s collaboration with NYP and Columbia University Medical Center to develop a campus Masterplan that reflects the integrity of this world class medical institution.

The new landscape fosters an emerging relationship between the campus students, recovering patients, as well as city residents. People from all backgrounds can meet within this tranquil and peaceful environment, being given the unique opportunity to interact on public-facing lawn terraces, sit under the deep shade of the central grove of cherry trees and bask in the sun along the upper sloped lawn.

The Chapel Garden is a new addition of SCAPE’s larger, New York-Presbyterian & Columbia University Medical Campus Joint Masterplan. Stay tuned for further project updates!