SCAPE selected as landscape architects for The Women’s Building

Sep 28, 2016

SCAPE is honored to be selected as the winning landscape architects for The Women’s Building, a transformational development and adaptive reuse of the Bayview Correctional Facility in Chelsea, NYC. We are thrilled to be working with the Novo Foundation and the Goren Group, architects Deborah Burke Partners, and many women-led thinkers, writers and political and social activists in re-creating this space for women throughout the greater New York City community and beyond.

The Women’s Building will offer social activists the resources and support they need to drive culture shifts. Functioning as more than a workspace, the building and surrounding landscape will be designed to promote spontaneous interactions, build relationships and create networks to elevate women’s advocacy worldwide, turning this correctional facility into a place of hope and action.

For more information on the vision to come: click here.

Photo credit: The Goren Group