American Copper Building Plaza: Part 2

Feb 26, 2018

With the cold winter conditions, construction has slowed down at the American Copper Building Plaza, yet we still have some exciting progress updates happening.

The streetscape boulders along 35th and 36th streets have been installed, as well as the boulders at the entry of the plaza on 36th street. The boulders add height and dimension to the plaza while contrasting nicely with the ground level corten tree grates. The remaining plaza seating boulders are in the process of being installed.

Construction is underway on the scrim fountain, which was designed to create a reflective, shimmering plane of water that cools the space. The hexagonal pavers in the fountain basin, with their deeply grooved pinwale finish, have been installed. Looking closely, one can see a line of holes in the pavers where water will flow out and down to collect at the low end of the fountain. The limestone walls surrounding the fountain will be installed next.

The plaza Gingko trees (Ginkgo biloba) have been planted too. This tree species is a “living fossil,” unchanged for more than 200 million years. The fast and long growing tree provides landscape designers with a pollution-tolerant and insect-resistant option that is well suited to the urban environment.

With the impending warmer weather, we expect construction to speed up in the coming months. Stay tuned for part 3 of the series.

Learn more about the American Copper Building Plaza here.

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