Public Sediment’s Mid-Review Recap

Apr 17, 2018

In March, the Public Sediment team got the chance to deepen their understanding of mud, gravel beaches, and the needs of fish. The team was in the Bay Area to present their mid-review, but managed to spend significant time out in the field along the banks of the Alameda and edges of the Bay.

Knee deep in mud with the San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC) the team tagged steelhead smolt in the upper watershed to track migration through the flood control channel out to the Bay. The team also installed two sensors in the creek to monitor suspended sediment, water depth and salinity.

To learn about landscape morphology, they visited beaches at the Bay Edge. Their focus was to study piles of “rolling stones” or adaptive gravel beaches that grow higher and steeper with storm events. They also held their second Charrette, “The Creek Charrette,” which brought members from regional agencies and local management groups together to discuss how best to unlock the Alameda to move sediment and allow for fish passage. Read more about their recent trip here.

The Public Sediment team is back in the Bay Area this week. Join them at their upcoming Public Meeting on April, 18th. Learn more about the event here.