SCAPE at Pensacola’s CivicCon

Aug 22, 2018

“How do we use the [waterfront] to reduce risk and to improve quality of life for humans and non-humans?”

SCAPE team members were in Pensacola, Florida this week for the CivicCon workshop series, discussing resilient waterfront designs and questions like the one above, which Gena posed in her presentation on Monday. Gena highlighted SCAPE’s resilient waterfront precedents and speaking to the specific design needs for the Pensacola community. You can listen to her talk on SoundCloud or read about it here.

The next day, after spending time touring the waterfront, meeting with local stakeholders, and talking with community members, Gena was joined by Chris and Lee, to present their various design ideas to the public. They presented their ideas as a starting point for the Pensacola community to begin thinking about some options for their waterfront’s future, like connecting the series of creeks, creating a greenway system, or building a waterfront boardwalk. Read more about the different ideas SCAPE presented at the charrette here. [Photo courtesy of Brandon Girod]