Tom Lee Park concludes design development, reaching 80% milestone in $60M capital campaign

Apr 14, 2021

On Wednesday, April 14, SCAPE presented alongside Studio Gang and the Memphis River Parks Partnership for a public design update marking the conclusion of the design development phase for Tom Lee Park⁠—a 30-acre waterfront park in Memphis inspired by the dynamic sediment and flow paths of the Mississippi River. At the same time, the Memphis River Parks Partnership announced a major funding milestone: the $60M capital campaign behind the park’s construction is 80% complete.

Construction is already well underway on Cutbank Bluff, an ADA-accessible switchback path creating a new entrance to the park at Beale Street Landing, with construction for the rest of the park projected to begin this summer.

“It’s exciting to know that we’re so close to achieving a goal that Memphians have dreamt of for nearly a hundred years,” said Tyree Daniels, board chair of Memphis River Parks Partnership. “The new Tom Lee Park will be one of the best parks in America and will create a signature place that Memphis—and Memphians—deserve. Tom Lee demonstrated the best in all of us as he pulled people drowning in the Mississippi River to safety in 1925. The park that bears his name will embody Lee’s spirit and will offer Memphians a chance to escape from all that they may be ‘drowning’ in—stress, work or the pressures of everyday life. Tom Lee Park is a space for all of Memphis to show their best selves.”

MRPP will post the full recording of the design update in the coming days—check back on our social feeds for updates.