Hudson River RBD

Hoboken, NJ
  • Resilience / Climate Adaptation
  • Planning

SCAPE is partnered with OMA and Dewberry Engineering on the Hudson River Rebuild by Design (RBD) project, a coastal storm and stormwater management feasibility study for the City of Hoboken, New Jersey. The first stage towards implementation of the RBD Competition proposal developed in 2014, the design consists of two components—Resist, and Delay, Store, and Discharge (DSD). DSD maximizes the potential to capture, store, infiltrate, evaporate, and release stormwater in the city of Hoboken to create a sustainable stormwater system for the city to mitigate future flooding events. Through rigorous study of physical, environmental, and infrastructural constraints, the team located key sites and right-of-way opportunities where stormwater interventions would provide co-benefits to the city. New technologies and details were evolved to adapt green infrastructure techniques to the high groundwater table conditions particular to Hoboken. First stage design work culminates in a toolkit of implementable strategies that help the city of Hoboken improve civic life and manage stormwater and flooding events.



  • City of Hoboken, New Jersey


Office for Metropolitan Architecture