Aerial photo of a house an surrounding landscape

Hudson Valley Guest House and Grounds

Hudson Valley, New York
  • Ecological Design
  • ASLA-NY: Honor Award – Residential Design (2024)

In the Hudson Valley, SCAPE worked with a residential client to design and sustainably manage an 11-acre estate nestled between an upland deciduous woodland and the river valley below. Drawing inspiration from the Hudson River School for Painting, the landscape is both a canvas and conduit to cultivate a deeply immersive experience.

The design integrates contemporary artwork throughout the property; reorganizes circulation; enhances existing natural features and plant communities; and positions these features to frame art and architecture across the site. Perched atop a granite outcrop, the building and grounds are designed to offer panoramic views of the Hudson Valley and restore local grassland ecosystems, including a sloped meadow of native flora designed to attract pollinators and birds. An extensive woodland trail system weaves through the forested valleys of the site, taking pause in immersive “woodland rooms” that unlock unique moments in the landscape. Crafted wood follies are nestled into each woodland room, carved from trees felled by natural forest processes, creating space for contemplation, relaxation, and forest immersion.

As part of the project, SCAPE conducted a thorough assessment of woodland conditions, soil health, and invasive species to help guide planting decisions and design direction. SCAPE provides ongoing advisory services to manage the long-term health, succession and maintenance of meadows, woodlands and trail systems throughout the property.


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