Paragon Paint Intertidal Plaza

Queens, NY
  • Park
  • Waterfront

The Paragon Paint Intertidal Plaza is a key site within Anable Basin’s waterfront access plan, located in the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City, New York. The project converts the old Paragon Paint factory into a mixed use development and adds two new residential buildings along the waterfront edge. SCAPE’s intertidal plaza connects this new space to the city and celebrates its ecological history through the introduction of a thriving salt marsh habitat and intertidal display. Upon entering the plaza from Vernon Boulevard, views to Manhattan’s skyline are framed by the new development, designed by SHoP. A slight rise in the ground plane enables varied views to the basin, allowing the sight of water to unfold as one moves through the space. Steps to the water appear out of the tidal prism, alternately submerging and revealing as the tides rise and fall. A series of terraced seat walls provide opportunities for respite and focus views out along the basin, to the East River and Manhattan’s skyline beyond.


SHoP Architects
WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services
ADS Engineers
Thornton Tomesetti