Sky Dune Terrace

New York, NY
  • Rooftop

Overlooking the expansive panorama of the Hudson River, Sky Dune Terrace creates a dynamic rooftop landscape on the 51st floor of a major tech headquarters in New York City. Dune-inspired landforms are positioned to mitigate the site’s high winds and solar exposure, shaping sheltered nooks for informal workplace meetings and gatherings. Reminiscent of an undulating dune fence, the walls are clad in wood and weave through the terrace, allowing inhabitants to experience the height of a New York skyscraper while enveloped in the grounding details of a coastal landscape. Constructed with innovative design and fabrication methods, Sky Dune Terrace is one of the only instances in the world of double curvature metal planter walls.

The planting design prioritizes year-round interest—with flowering perennials, winter interest shrubs, and evergreen plants for thermal comfort. Blue-stemmed goldenrod, juniper, and birch species are reflected in a mirrored canopy designed by Kevin Daly Architects, strategically punctured to encourage the growth of a birch grove through the structure. In addition to the 9,000 SF outdoor terrace, SCAPE designed a series of interior workplace spaces with plantings and integrated seating connecting indoors and out and offering moments to connect with nature throughout the workday.


  • Tech Headquarters (Confidential)


Kevin Daly Architects (Architecture)
Kohn Pedersen Fox (Architecture)