SCAPE is featured in CCNY journal!

May 25, 2016

Plot Volume 5: FILTER is an award-winning annual journal produced by the Master of Landscape Architecture students of the City College of New York’sSpitzer School of Architecture. Running through the journal is the theme of ‘filter’ used both as a noun and verb. Flipping through the pages, readers are engulfed in multiple project on many different size and scales of works that all challenge and accent the meaning of what it is to edit, to sift, or to screen.

For SCAPE, the filter begins with Town Branch Commons which was selected to be featured in the City College’s journal. Situated within a linear network of public space along the path of a long-buried stream in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, Town Branch Commons works with the landscape and uses the historic waterways to inspire and shape the design. Where the stream moves through the dense urban core, it is visualized above as a series of vegetated gardens that filter water before it trickles into the stream channel below. Whether physically filtering water or using knowledge of historic landscapes to filter through design, SCAPE is honored to be a part of New York’s Spitzer School of Architecture’s PLOT publication!