SCAPE Imagines a New Type of Ecology

Feb 3, 2017

SCAPE’s work has been featured in Christophe Girot’s comprehensive book, The Course of Landscape Architecture (Thames and Hudson, 2016). The book sets out to chronicle the history of human relationship with nature, examining landscape architecture’s emergence as a connective discipline, crossing man-made and non-human, present and past, political and religious. It spans from the beginning of human civilization and the origins of landscape to present-day examples from around the world.

SCAPE’s proposal to use “living infrastructure” in the Rebuild by Design competition is featured as an example of a project that imagines a new type of ecology with no precedent in history. Girot writes,

It is the radical simplicity of the solution that won this project its success against more powerful engineering conglomerates promoting much heavier and costlier solutions. And it is the visionary scale at which an entire coastal topology will be changed to become an agent of environmental resilience that marks a real paradigm shift in landscape practice.