LAM Book Review: Toward An Urban Ecology

Mar 29, 2017

SCAPE’s book, Toward An Urban Ecology, has been featured in a book review in the most recent issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM) by Elissa Rosenberg. Organized into the themes of Revive, Cohabit, Engage and Scale, the book depicts a range of participatory and science-based strategies through the lens of SCAPE’s practice, featuring projects, collaborators, and invited essays on urban ecological design.

Elissa Rosenberg writes, “What is most innovative in SCAPE’s practice is the way that these three aspects – design, science, and community participation – are engaged to create an activist, collaborative methodology. The practice is fundamentally research driven, but also animated by a strong design ethos… SCAPE’s mission is based on a collaborative, community-stewardship-driven methodology that acknowledges change and uncertainty.”

Read the full book review here.

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