Resilient By Design: Week 1 Recap

Sep 26, 2017

From September 10-15, SCAPE and the 9 other design teams chosen for Resilient By Design’s Bay Area Challenge came together for the first time for a week of activities and presentations. The week launched the Collaborative Research Phase of the Challenge, which consists of tours of the bay, and presentations from community members, experts, and city staff about the social and physical vulnerabilities the bay faces from the effects of sea level rise.

The trip started with a high-energy kick-off barbecue, which was open to the public. The rest of the week included tours of the region in search of opportunities for potential sites. This first trip focused on the East Bay area, and teams were guided through Alameda County and Contra Costa County. There was also a presentation at San Francisco’s Exploratorium by the San Francisco Estuary Institute, and a race and equity workshop.

The next visit will take place in October and will focus on the North Bay. Stay tuned for more updates along the way by following us on Facebook, or Instagram and Twitter at @scape_studio, or by searching the hashtags #ResilientBay, #ResilientbyDesign, #PublicSediment, #BayAreaChallenge.