“Frameworks for Growth:” Managing Principal Alexis C. Landes profiled in Madame Architect

Jan 27, 2022

Out in Madame Architect today, Julia Gamolina interviewed SCAPE Managing Principal Alexis C. Landes about her career path, business development at SCAPE, balancing parenthood with firm leadership, and much more.

“Strategy is really about creating frameworks for connection—connecting firm-wide systems, from business development to project management; linking teams and processes; creating feedback loops. It’s more than a single design solution or intervention. Good strategy informs both internal and external forces,” Alexis said. “I rely on perseverance and intuition, my commitment to a team approach, my belief in building up other people around me—making them successful. The choreography of practice has taught me the success of our company is the success of our people.”

Read the full piece here.