City of Jacksonville launches Resilient Jacksonville Strategy

Oct 24, 2023
Photo of the Resilient Jacksonville report

Earlier this month, The City of Jacksonville launched the Resilient Jacksonville Strategy, a 50-year roadmap to prepare Jacksonville for climate change, population growth, and urban development. Working on a team led by The Water Institute, and in collaboration with Halff, Fernleaf, and Acuity Design Group, Inc., SCAPE led the development of a place-based strategy, facilitated community engagement efforts, and helped develop the overall resilience strategy and graphic communication.

“This visionary strategy is our roadmap for addressing flood and heat risks, while ensuring our citizens remain healthy and safe with access to more opportunities,” said Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan.

Through a process grounded in data, science, and extensive community engagement, SCAPE assisted in the development of place-based strategies and a set of 45 resilience actions that the City and other organizations can implement. The actions include policies, projects, and programs that are aligned to specific actions with various development patterns—such as “downtown,” “contemporary suburbs,” and “rural mosaic”—to maximize the impact of the actions across Jacksonville’s diverse landscape. Together these resources will guide the implementation of projects and policies for a more resilient future.

“Resilience is a generational issue,” said Anne Coglianese, Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Jacksonville. “The future resilience of Jacksonville and the well-being of our next generation will be determined by our willingness to make consistent and deliberate decisions about risk and growth over the coming years and decades. The 45 actions in this strategy will shape our collective future.”

“Our new resilience-first mindset is going to take all of us,” noted Mayor Donna Deegan. “It will be a whole-of-government effort. It will now be the foundation of everything we do as a city.”

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Client: City of Jacksonville, Florida

Collaborators: The Water Institute of the Gulf (Prime), Acuity Design Group (Engagement), Halff Associates (Policy & Governance), Fernleaf (Climate Data)