Safari 7

New York, NY
  • Ecological Design
  • Publication / Exhibition
  • National ASLA Honor Award - Communications Category, 2010

Safari 7 is a self-guided tour of urban wildlife along the 7 subway line. The 7 Line is a physical, urban transect through New York City’s most diverse range of ecosystems. Affectionately called the International Express, the 7 line runs from Manhattan’s dense core, under the East River, and through a dispersed mixture of residences and parklands, terminating in downtown Flushing, Queens, the nation’s most ethnically diverse county.

Safari 7 circulates an ongoing series of podcasts and maps that explore the complexity, biodiversity, conflicts, and potentials of New York’s ecosystems. Safari 7 imagines train cars as eco-urban classrooms, and invites travelers to act as park rangers in their city.



Kate Orff, Co-Director, Urban Landscape Lab
Janette Kim, Co-Director, Urban Landscape Lab
Glen Cummings, Founder & Partner
Columbia GSAPP