Zerega Avenue EMS Station Green Roof

Bronx, NY
  • Cultural / Institutional
  • Rooftop
  • MASterworks Awards: Best New Infrastructure, 2014
  • DDC Excellence in Design Project, 2009
  • Art Commission Design Award, 2009

SCAPE collaborated with Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects to design the landscape for the New York Fire Department to incorporate green infrastructure for stormwater management into a new fire station in an industrial neighborhood of Queens. The green roof allows water to filter through the underlying soil and flow to collection cisterns instead of running off the building and contaminating surrounding waterways. Once collected, the rain water is stored and re-used on site or supplied to the community garden next door. The green roof also mitigates the urban heat island effect, provides important habitat in the urban environment, better insulates the building, and adds aesthetic value to the view from the neighboring Castle Hill Housing Towers.


  • NYC Fire Department (FDNY)


Smith Miller & Hawkinson Architects
Langan Engineering