Battery Park City Sustainability Plan, Green Guidelines and Sustainability Implementation Plan

New York, NY
  • Resilience / Climate Adaptation
  • Ecological Design
  • Planning

SCAPE worked with Buro Happold for the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) on a suite of sustainability planning efforts – the Battery Park City Sustainability Plan, Green Guidelines, and Sustainability Implementation Plan.

The Sustainability Plan sets a high-level vision for Battery Park City, identifying strategies and actions to create a pathway for achieving progressive sustainability targets over the next decade. The plan is centered around four topic areas: Energy, Water, Materials and Waste, and Site. SCAPE contributed primarily on strategies related to the Site, focused on improvements to biodiversity and habitat, quality of life, environmental monitoring and data sharing.

The Green Guidelines provide technical guidance, relevant references, and a menu of interventions and best practices for property owners, building managers, and the client to maintain the performance of existing private and public assets in Battery Park City while minimizing impacts on natural resources.

SCAPE contributed primarily to the portion of the Guidelines focused on the public realm – streets, sidewalks, parks, and the Esplanade – analyzing approaches to the design and maintenance of these spaces to reduce the neighborhood’s overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and environmental impact. The design team also studied related opportunities to improve the neighborhood’s resilience to climate impacts such as urban heat island effect and stormwater runoff.

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  • Battery Park City Authority (BPCA)


Buro Happold (Prime)
3 X 3 (Stakeholder Engagement)
BJH Advisors (Legal & Real Estate)
FX Collaborative (Architecture)
Insight Civil (Civil Engineering & Water Services)
MacDonald Bedford (Building & Operations Assessment)
Trophy Point (Cost Estimating & Value Engineering)