Be’er Sheva Quarry Park

Be'er Sheva, Israel
  • Park
  • Cultural / Institutional

Geology is acting as a catalyst for transformation in Be’er Sheva, Israel. SCAPE collaborated with landscape architects Topotek 1 and LOLA on the design of the Be’er Sheva Quarry Park, which remakes an abandoned limestone quarry into a public site through a dynamic and participatory process of carving, extraction, and revegetation. Central to the design is a connective civic promenade that transverses the park space, interpreting geological strata and offering views of the public landscape under construction. The deep cuts and elevated promenade intentionally intensify shadows, expanding the use of the park throughout the afternoon hours. Water collects at the bottom of the garden cuts, encouraging the growth of vegetation and creating shady escapes from the harsh desert climate. As time advances, garden rooms are incrementally revealed to the public, creating a site experience that grows over time, shaped by the process of material flow and extraction. Through the relationship of found and constructed, residual and new, the Be’er Sheva Quarry Park provides an experience that is constantly evolving.


Yael Moria Klain
Jonathan Cohen-Litant