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What would it look like if the largest-funded restoration effort in history was successful?

In 2019, SCAPE collaborated with Dr. Don Boesch and the Walton Family Foundation to envision a future where Louisiana’s coastal ecosystems and economies are even more bountiful than they are today, and the dual challenges of sea-level rise and land loss are countered by restoration projects implemented at a regional scale.

The resulting vision – a collaboration between a renowned environmental scientist and SCAPE – seeks to describe a ‘best case’ for the future of the Louisiana coast. Utilizing a basin-by-basin approach, Dr. Boesch and SCAPE studied the interventions proposed in the Coastal Master Plan for Louisiana, centered around reconnecting the Mississippi River to wetlands and restoring the balance between freshwater and saltwater in coastal basins.

Learn more:

Watch SCAPE’s video about the basin-by-basin vision, narrated by Kate.

Visit the Our Future Coast website to read more about the overarching vision.

Read Dr. Don Boesch’s report to dive into the details and best available science on the positive potential of coastal restoration in Louisiana.

Watch an interview with Kate Orff and WWNO’s Tegan Wendland on the Washington Post Live.

This work was generously supported by the Walton Family Foundation. Additional thanks to the Restore the Mississippi River Delta Campaign and Deep Fried Advertising.


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