Red Hoek Point

Brooklyn, NY
  • Park
  • Plaza
  • Waterfront
  • Rooftop

Surrounded by water on three sides, SCAPE’s design for Red Hoek Point integrates aquatic habitat and water-based recreation into a low-rise commercial development on the former site of the Revere Sugar Factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The 2,000 linear foot waterfront esplanade features three unique edges and park experiences. The southern Eco-Recreational Edge provides a tranquil space for viewing tidal ecosystems and kayaking. The northern Historic Maritime edge celebrates the bustling maritime traffic around the historic Beard Street Pier warehouses and water taxi stop. An axial Mineral Courtyard accommodates cars and people, uniting the two commercial structures with a series of outdoor rooms structured by salvaged stone and reclaimed steel. The courtyard terminates at the Basin Panorama, where the ground lifts to enhance views to the Statue of Liberty, and falls away to create tidal pools and water-walkways along the edge. Above, an undulating green roof captures and slows water, sheltering a colorful roofscape track for running, walking meetings, and active events.


  • Thor Equities


Foster + Partners
Langan Engineering