Living Breakwaters in Staten Island Live

Mar 31, 2017

SCAPE’s Living Breakwaters project was recently featured in two articles in the Staten Island Live.

The first article, “Living Breakwaters: Can It Protect Us from Future Storms?” gives an overview of the project and its goals, from The Rebuild By Design competition in response to Hurricane Sandy, and covers the project’s progress to date. In particular, the video does a great job at focusing on the risk reduction component of the project addressing both shoreline erosion and wave mitigation. It also features Nans, a key team member of the Living Breakwaters team!

The second article, “Riding the Wave: Units in Water Track Data for Living Breakwaters Project,” dives into the process of collecting data and working with NY/NJ Baykeeper during the project’s design process. The Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, or ADCP unit, is an important measuring tool that helps SCAPE to model and iterate the design of the breakwaters.

Last Friday, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement was released for public review and comment- please access it here and stay tuned for further project updates.