Gothamist/WNYC takes a look behind the scenes of Living Breakwaters

Nov 17, 2021

For WNYC/Gothamist, photographer and writer Nathan Kensinger took a look behind the scenes on the construction of Living Breakwaters.

Pippa Brashear—SCAPE’s Planning Principal, who has worked on the project for nearly a decade—spoke with Kensinger about the multiple risk reduction benefits of the project: “The harbor is still a rich estuary, but if you look at Raritan Bay, it is a shallow, sandy bottom with a giant navigation channel dredged through it. We said if we are going to put something in the water, we need to create something that is going to bring back that ecosystem function, and really serve the diverse species that are there… There is no excuse for having a hardened shoreline that is sterile.”

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