SCAPE at ASLA 2021

Nov 17, 2021

At this year’s ASLA Conference in Nashville, SCAPE is participating in six panels. To clients, partners and friends of the firm – we look forward to seeing you in person! For those unable to attend, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for updates.

Browse the full conference agenda here.

Saturday, November 20

  • In the Middle, On the Edge: Collective Visions for Contested Waterfront Communities | 11 AM – 12:15 PM CT | Room 103 | Design Principal Gena Wirth joins Andrea Parker (Gowanus Canal Conservancy) and Magdalena Ayed (The Harborkeepers).
  • Transforming Boston Harbor: Resilience and Equity from Vision to Implementation | 2 – 5 PM CT | Room 101 | Planning Principal Pippa Brashear joins Amy Whitesides (Stoss), Carly Foster (Arcadis) and Julie Eaton Ernst (Weston and Sampson).
  • Designing the Green New Deal Initiative: Demystifying Design and Policy | 4 – 5 PM CT | Room 205 | Founding Principal Kate Orff joins Barbara Deutsch (Landscape Architecture Foundation), Billy Fleming (McHarg Center) and Roxanne Blackwell (ASLA).

Sunday, November 21

  • Becoming a J.E.D.I. Master: Toward Inclusive River Spaces and Outdoor Recreation | 2 – 5 PM CT | Room 101 | Senior Associate Nans Voron joins Brad Collett (UT), Gerry S. James (Explore Kentucky Initiative), Cathy Barnard (Chattahoochee National Park Conservancy) and Carolyn M.B. Crawford (Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area).
  • Democratizing GIS: Open Source Tools for Everyday Mapping and Analysis | 2 – 5 PM CT | Room 208 | Designer Andrew Wright joins Brendan A. Harmon (LSU) and Tanvi Shah (Royston Hanamoto Alley and Abey).
  • The Mississippi as a Living River: Vision, Process, Policy and Projects | 4 – 5 PM CT | Room 102 | Founding Principal Kate Orff joins David P. Muth (National Wildlife Federation) and Kristin C. Tracz (Walton Family Foundation).