SCAPE wins three Louisiana Chapter ASLA Awards

Nov 8, 2022

We’re happy to share that SCAPE received three awards in the 2022 Louisiana Chapter ASLA (LC-ASLA) Design Awards:

Our Future Coast | Louisiana Gulf Coast

Honor Award: Communications

Developed alongside a world-renowned coastal scientist and a local coalition of environmental advocates, ‘Our Future Coast’ visualizes a positive scenario where Louisiana’s coastal ecosystems are even more bountiful than today, and the dual challenges of sea-level rise and land loss are stemmed by restoration at a regional scale.

Airline Highway Park | Baton Rouge, LA

Merit Award: General Design (Unbuilt)

Spanning 133 acres at the confluence of Bayou Manchac and Ward Creek, Airline Highway Park is a beloved community hub increasingly at risk from climate-intensified flooding. Developed with robust community input by a multidisciplinary team, a new vision imagines it as a regional model for integrating green infrastructure and social infrastructure.

McCoy’s Creek Recreation & Restoration Plan | Jacksonville, FL

Merit Award: Analysis & Planning

Developed in collaboration with the City of Jacksonville and a coalition of local partners, stakeholders, and residents, the McCoy’s Creek Recreation and Restoration Plan proposes a vision for the creek’s future that pairs ecological and social benefits—reducing flood risk, improving water quality, restoring native ecosystems and habitats, and expanding recreational space over a five-mile greenway and network of public destinations along the water’s edge.