Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center

Brooklyn, NY
  • Green Roof
  • Institution
  • Plaza / Streetscape
  • NYC Public Design Commission - Award for Excellence in Design, 2017

The library plaza provides an engaging civic space for the public that demonstrates sustainability and reinterprets the environmental history of the region. Bands of granite interpret the historic glacial NW to SE movement across New York City, creating a large rock outcropping which spans the plaza along the façade of the library and welcome visitors. Hardy grasses and groundcovers native to the State’s wide ranging ecological communities further emphasize these glacial striations, creating a unique entrance. The second floor roof design provides a flexible outdoor space for visitors using the teen collection and indoor “Eco-Lab”. The large, circular seating area is nestled within a mounded planting bed featuring native shrubs with high habitat value, creating an outdoor ‘nest’ for small groups or individuals. The third floor roof level provides the environmental education center with space for hands-on demonstration gardening and features a large pollinator green roof. Three 20’ long planter beds will be planted with a mix of fruiting shrubs and medicinal plants. Thermally modified wood will be used for a wide platform bench with integrated storage and to create the benches on the plaza.



  • Brooklyn Public Library


Marble Fairbanks
Tillotson Design Associates